Retro Kicks Online


Founded in San Francisco, California our roots are deep in the game. We started collecting when collecting was a novelty. Today we are still sneaker connoisseur but we strive to have the most prestigious collection.  We built this platform because we feel that there is a need for collectors to come together in a safe environment that is genuine. Our prices are comparable to the sneaker hustle. We are real people that value relationships and work together for the greater good. So if you are looking for some heat, or everyday rotation kicks this is the place to buy from.

How we work­­

We value relationships and look for people who want to be a part of a safe community. Our core value is to connect with people who collect. There is one catch to sell on our platform. This is a referral based system. If you want to sell with us we must know who you are. There is no way around it.


We do not offer consignment at this point. We will be adding this feature in the near future.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Some of us just don’t like to put our heat out there, that’s a fact. Some collectors hold on till the market fluctuates to a prime point. Let us know what you are looking for and we will see if we have it in our closets.